About us

The World Of Family Law, edited by Chris McWatters and Rebekah Wilson, is the family team blog at Garden Court chambers.

The Family Team are a well respected and highly committed team of family barristers specialising in international and domestic children’s law.

We are best known for public law children work, acting for children, parents and local authorities in care and adoption proceedings, but we also do a wide range of other work, including private law children work and cases involving forced marriages, foreign adoptions, surrogacy and child abduction.

The team is forty strong, and come from a wide range of background. Between us we have a unique range of skills, expertise and experience equipping us to face the increasingly complex challenges of family law.

We are all members of Garden Court Chambers because of our commitment to social justice and civil liberties which lies at the heart of all children’s law cases. Garden Court has always been driven by our strong ethics and a passionate belief in human rights and social justice. This affects all of our practice areas and is reflected in our work. At the same time we preserve our duty of independence.  We have advised and represented organisations such as JUSTICE, LIBERTY, the Equal Opportunities Commission, Disability Rights Commission and Commission for Racial Equality.


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